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National Association of the Church of God
Tuesday, November 15 2022

Shalom and Blessings NACOG 

The purpose of this article is to update you on our rebuilding efforts at our Camp Ground at West Middlesex, Pa., and to enlist your full support. While the fire of 2022 was somewhat discouraging to some degree, it has become a great opportunity for us to design and build new facilities with future generations in mind. We continue to celebrate God’s Amazing Mercy and Grace for His Divine Protection in allowing the fire to be contained to one structure, and for the fact that there was no loss of precious lives. We are also grateful to both our Chief Operating and Development Officer, (CODO), Rev. Dr. Arnetta Bailey, and our local fire departments, for their speedy response in ensuring the fire was extinguished without causing more extensive destruction.

Our insurance carrier has done an extensive investigation and has ruled the facility a total loss. While we were blessed to have had a good policy in place, it was determined that the replacement cost of the facility and its contents would substantially exceed our policy limits. This will necessitate our combined participation in the Capital Campaign that was launched prior to the 2022 Camp Meeting in order to make up for the shortfall. One of our options is to rebuild in phases allowing additional time to ensure the final structure or structures provide the functionality needed for decades to come. The immediate goal is to remove any usable equipment from the current building and erect a steel building in another location for equipment storage.

There is much work ahead of us including identifying the professionals needed to design and rebuild in accordance with required State Building Codes. To date, a significant group of persons have been asked to serve as members of a Rebuild Team. Together, we have developed an initial list of possible amenities we believe necessary to make the new facility most functionable. We have also compiled job description requirements for a construction manager, which will be made available to potential candidates. In addition, site visits are being scheduled to other campgrounds and similar structures to help us envision a master plan and identify potential Architects and Engineers. We hope to identify and enlist the services of an Architect before the end of 2022.

I ask that you be both prayerful and supportive as we move forward with the hopeful goal of new construction starting in the spring of 2023. We invite you to share with us your suggestions for the functionality you would like to see in the new construction, along with ideas for master planning the campground. Lastly, as part of our team efforts, we are blessed to have persons on the Rebuild Team who do love and are committed to the National Association and Zion’s Hill. They are each bringing significant experience, wisdom, knowledge, and strategic thinking to the work of the Rebuild Team.

Thank you for your continued participation in the work of the National Association and monthly financial contributions. My hope and prayer are that you continue to partner with us as we Dare to Dream beyond what presently exists and intentionally seek to Preserve the Promise and Protect the Legacy for the Glory of God, and for generations to come. This is of the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes! 

Let us Rebuild Together!

Presiding Elder – Rev. Clifton McDowell Sr.

Rebuild Team

Rev. Clifton McDowell, Sr.

Dr. Cheryl Sanders

Dr. Arnetta McNeese-Bailey

Rev. Lora Adams King

Aaron Bowen

Rev. Monte Dillard

Izetta Phillips

Dr. David Winslow

Resource Persons

Rev. James Brown

Angelique Crumbly

Linda Mitchell

Donna Ravenell

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