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National Association of the Church of God
Thursday, January 19 2023

Dear National Association

Greetings in Christ, and a very happy and prosperous (or blessed) New Year to all!

Looking back over the last twelve months, so much has taken place in each of our lives, not to mention in the lives of our families, congregations, and communities. As we stand at the threshold of yet another year, we rejoice not only in God’s faithfulness to his people but also in the people’s commitment to God. New beginnings can be both exciting and challenging. New beginnings represent not only a chance for a fresh start but also the opportunity to journey into unfamiliar and uncharted territory as well. We are, however, greatly encouraged by God’s promise to be with us every step of the way.  

While the fire of 2022 was challenging and resulted in changes in some of our scheduled events at our last August Camp-meeting, we were determined not to allow it to derail us. We can view this unfortunate event from a different perspective and see it as an opportunity to rebuild better, more efficiently, and better equipped to meet the needs and demands of a brighter future. We are now even more confident and determined to continue to make Zions’ Hill an exciting destination for inspiration, transformation, and restoration for generations to come. 

As we begin 2023, I want to take this opportunity to give you a summary update on where we are in the rebuilding process. We are boldly moving forward, and progress is being made. What a blessing it will be in August as you enter those gates to be rewarded with both a new landscape and an exciting view of the future as well! 

Here is a list of our progress thus far:

  • A  rebuild team has been formed, and we have met several times. It consists of members and advisors who have great construction and planning experience. Their involvement has been invaluable in helping guide our discussions and decisions. 
  • The Insurance company has finalized its review of the fire and ruled it an accident
  • Insurance funds have been received and deposited
  • A preliminary list of facility needs has been developed for architectural design discussions  
  • A capital campaign will soon be relaunched to raise needed additional funds 
  • A new metal storage facility has been received and will be erected in early spring
  • After discussions and evaluation of the inhabitability of the Crosswhite  Dormitory, it has been decided to remove it and expand our options for site development.
  • Demolition should be completed by the end of January
  • The services of a local civil engineer have been enlisted
  • A site survey will be performed soon after demolition has been completed 
  • An Architect has been selected after evaluating recommended firms  
  • We are close to completing our evaluations and selecting a construction manager.
  • After discussions with various engineers and designers, it has been decided to replace the multi-storied building with two single-level buildings.
  • We hope to complete the rebuilding of the dining hall by our 2023 camp meeting.
  • We are looking to have a site master plan prepared  

We are asking for your continued prayers and support for our Rebuild Team, our CODO, and for this undertaking. We will provide you updates as progress continues.


Yours In His Service
Presiding Elder Rev. Clifton McDowell

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